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Resolution Independent Images for HTML5 based mobile sites & apps

In the last year i’ve done quite a lot of work with HTML5 for mobile Apps. This is both websites running in a mobile browser and actual HTML5 based webview applications. One of the biggest problem has been the many different screen resolutions across the different platforms, this poses a problem as a design usually […]


Apps are like buses

At the moment the stuff i’m producing is like the bus service. Nothing for ages then loads all at once!! Anyway in September I took a few weeks out of working for a change (and decided to work – FFS), I needed a bit of a break from the grind and for a long time […]

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Fixing audio sync with FFMPEG

Yesterday a client asked me if there was anything I could do with a piece of video they had produced in which the audio was out sync with the video. Normally when I come across this kind of problem is you get the audio happen after seeing the images move. But this one was the […]

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Presenting – Snoozes

Previously I covered the reasons for building an app which could revolutionise the wake up alarm business (or not as i’m not even sure it’s a business anymore), but now it’s time to go over a bit more what it will do. So i’d like to present Snoozes. The intention of snoozes is the give […]

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Cross Browser Web Design – CSS Positioning instead of floats

Over the years one of the most constant things i’ve been witness to in the web design world is people struggling with html layouts. They first struggle with them in their browser of choice and then they struggle making them cross browser compatible. This all comes from a design which is pixel perfect as it […]

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What does it do?

Last time round I made a vague announcement that something was being put together which would benefit people who have a disliking to alarm clocks, and i’m hoping to go a bit more into detail. Most of the information gleaned on this is by observing myself and my partner in the mornings. It follows the […]

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Alarm Clocks – A New Beginning

Recently i’ve had a bit of time on my hands after finishing a contract. I’d had an idea last year about an alarm clock that worked slightly differently to existing alarms. I always find an alarm is really annoying, and i’ve tried the products that are supposed to follow your sleeping pattern and wake you […]

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