Presenting – Snoozes

Previously I covered the reasons for building an app which could revolutionise the wake up alarm business (or not as i’m not even sure it’s a business anymore), but now it’s time to go over a bit more what it will do.

So i’d like to present Snoozes.

The intention of snoozes is the give the user a different alarm experience, something which will be a little more tailored to you then the usual alarms of 6:30am (wake up and get ready) 6:45am (really stop being lazy) and then 7:00am (you’re gonna miss your train and look like shit).

The concept is you set the time you need to leave, and then you set how long it takes you to get ready, so if you need to leave at 6:45am and it takes 45m to get ready your alarm will go off at 6:00am.

But it won’t as the system presumes you will by default press snooze once, because lets face nobody gets out of bed when the first alarm goes off! What it then does is get increasingly more annoying till you actually get out of bed, and it monitors how many times you pressed snooze. It then uses this data to figure out when it should wake you up tomorrow. So if you pressed snooze 10 times and got out of bed at 6:45am, it’ll wake you up earlier tomorrow.

The app is in submission with the app store right now and will be available on an iPhone near you soon!

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