Apps are like buses

At the moment the stuff i’m producing is like the bus service. Nothing for ages then loads all at once!!

Anyway in September I took a few weeks out of working for a change (and decided to work – FFS), I needed a bit of a break from the grind and for a long time i’d been meaning to write a game on the iPhone. I hadn’t written a game in years (well not since I wrote Flying Thingy Ma Jig in 4 hours) and things have moved on a bit. I decided that writing for the mobile devices would allow me to self publish and I could have control over it and stuff, which would be cool. I’d started documenting and even wrote this very brief intro blog but never published it until now.


So lets clear something up I’ve never used OpenGL 2.0 ES, and i’ve also never written a shader as last time I used OpenGL it was all fixed pipeline (remind me to write a blog about that). There are a lot of new things for me to learn such as Vertex Buffers and Shaders and Programs and stuff. Over a 7 day period i’ve gone from nothing to a semi working flight sim with accelerometer controls which is pretty cool.

I could go into how all this was done with coding examples, but I think those are best kept till a later date as I think at the moment this code is a long way away from being high quality and i’d rather not have the world thinking i’m an idiot, instead i’m just going to attach a gallery as I took screen grabs as my code got better!! The next step is to calculate the tangents and binormals so I can give bump mapping a try, which should be exciting, well providing I can remember how to procedurally generate a bump map.


Oh and incase anybody is reading this and wondering what on earth Flying Thingy Ma Jig could be, here’s a link:

Clicky!!! (disclaimer – this took 4 hours! In javascript!)

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