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Replacing a UIView backing layer with CAShapeLayer and ensuring the path is animated on frame change

Recently i’ve started making a lot of use of CAShapeLayers as the backing for a UIView subclass. The main reason for this is it gives me a reusable high performance background which is especially useful as I find a lot of my apps usually have similar looking views with different content. This is all well […]

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Apps are like buses

At the moment the stuff i’m producing is like the bus service. Nothing for ages then loads all at once!! Anyway in September I took a few weeks out of working for a change (and decided to work – FFS), I needed a bit of a break from the grind and for a long time […]

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Presenting – Snoozes

Previously I covered the reasons for building an app which could revolutionise the wake up alarm business (or not as i’m not even sure it’s a business anymore), but now it’s time to go over a bit more what it will do. So i’d like to present Snoozes. The intention of snoozes is the give […]

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What does it do?

Last time round I made a vague announcement that something was being put together which would benefit people who have a disliking to alarm clocks, and i’m hoping to go a bit more into detail. Most of the information gleaned on this is by observing myself and my partner in the mornings. It follows the […]

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Alarm Clocks – A New Beginning

Recently i’ve had a bit of time on my hands after finishing a contract. I’d had an idea last year about an alarm clock that worked slightly differently to existing alarms. I always find an alarm is really annoying, and i’ve tried the products that are supposed to follow your sleeping pattern and wake you […]

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