What does it do?

Last time round I made a vague announcement that something was being put together which would benefit people who have a disliking to alarm clocks, and i’m hoping to go a bit more into detail.

Most of the information gleaned on this is by observing myself and my partner in the mornings. It follows the usual routine of wake up when the alarm goes off, press snooze until you really should have left let alone got up and then climb out of bed, run round like a headless chicken and finally go to work super late.

Sound familiar? I think it probably does as it’s unlikely we are unique in any way. Normally we make a decision on when to set an alarm based upon how long we need to get ready and how long we think we are going to press snooze. This is usually wrong and hence the lateness creeps in.

Because I feel there must be a technical solution to this problem and because most of us now use our phones as an alarm I started looking at how an app could benefit us. And that is what the goal here is.

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